SWTOR: HOWTO Black Hole Commendations

Commendation Sources:

These commendations drop from multiple sources in the PvE world after completing the folowing missions:
1. Corellia Black Hole [Weekly] Black Hole Crisis – 6 Black Hole Commendations / Week

To get this reward you need to complete all the daily quests in Corellia Black Hole zone:

Empire side / Republic side

[HEROIC4] End of Torvix / Chasing the Shadow

[AREA] Asset Liquidation / Criminal Crackdown

[DAILY] Control the Battlefield / Forced Labor

[DAILY] Hypermatter Directive / Eyes and Ears

[DAILY] No Trace Left / Stolen Victory

[DAILY] Glow / Counter Eco-Terrorism


2. [Weekly] Rakghoul Conflicts8 Black Hole Commendations / WeekTo get this reward you need to complete the following flashpoints:

– Kaon Under Siege – Hard Mode

– Lost Island – Hard Mode

3. [Weekly] Galactic Crisis Points 8 Black Hole Commendations / Week

To get this reward you need to:

– Defeat Colonel Vorgath from Denova Operation (3rd boss) in any mode.

4. [Weekly] The Nightmare Pilgrim 4 Black Hole Commendations / Week

To get this reward you need to:

– Defeat the Nightmare Pilgrim – the World boss on Voss situated in Nightmare Lands. This boss will spawn if you click the "Forbidden Knowledge" item located at coordinates -6, 1317 on Voss. The offical Gear Up FAQ in fact does list that this quest will pay commendations, but atm you get only credits.*The weekly Nightmare Pilgrim mission now rewards 4 Black Hole Commendations. since patch 1.2.2.

5. Story Mode Explosive Conflicts(Denova) operation:

– 2
Black Hole Commendations / boss (there are 4 bosses), 4 per chest (there are 3 chests in total)

6. Hard Mode Explosive Conflicts(Denova) operation:

– 4
Black Hole Commendations / boss, 4 per chest

The chests can be found in the following locations:

– First before the second boss (Firebrand and Stormcaller) near house and trees.

– Second in the trenches before the puzzle.

– Third before Kephess (the last boss of the operation).

7. Nightmare Mode Karagga’s Palace operation:

– 2 Black Hole Commendations for the first three bosses: Bonetrasher, Jarg and Sorno, Foreman Crusher the Slavedriver

– 3 Black Hole Commendations for the last 2 bosses: G4-BC Heavy Fabricator, Karagga the Unyielding



As seen in the table above, the maximum number of commendations per week is 86 Black Hole commendations. To gain this maximum amount of commendations, besides the weekly quests, you need to do the specified operation in Story and Hard mode in one week.
To see how this translates to item costs, let’s go to the next chapter.

Item Costs:
As stated above, Black Hole Commendations are used to purchase Black Hole items that were introduced in the 1.2 patch – Legacy.
These items can be bought from the Campaign and Black Hole Vendors that can be found on Imperial and Republic Fleet in the Supplies Quarter.
The name of these items differ from the Columni/Rakata/Campaign ones as follows:



As you can see, 495 Black Hole commendations are needed to gear your character with full Black Hole equipment (except the main hand weapon and relics). This gear looks the same as the Campaign equipment, has different stats and doesn’t have set bonuses.
Doing a simple math, you can see that gearing you character with Black Hole items takes aproximately 6 weeks.




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