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Rust How To Increase FPS

Rust How To Increase FPS

Some useful tips to increase your fps in game of Rust! And here is the list of console commands what you need to use.


Rust How To Increase FPS

To open console press F1.

To see your FPS in Rust use console command global.fpslog 5, and its shows your fps when you open your console screen! Updating every your fps info every 5 sec!

1. grass.on false (true/false)

This command will reduce the amount of grass in your game huge, and boost your fps! Boost like 10-20fps for me!

2. env.clouds false (true/false)

This command will take clouds of the game. Giving boost 5-15fps!

3. render level 0

This command will lover you render level to 0.

4. gfx.shafts false (true/false)

This command disables sun rays effect.

5. gfx.bloom false , gfx.ssao false , grass.disp_trail_seconds 0 , terrain.idleinterval 0

Commands that gives only some minor boost for you fps.

Next fps boost guide comes with Launch Options commands for Rust!


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